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Welcome to the Pan-Okhotsk Reseach Center

  The Pan-Okhotsk Research Center was established in 2004 attached to the Institute of Low Temperature Science to foster international collaborations to study environmental issues associated with the Sea of Okhotsk and surrounding regions.

Research stuffs at Pan-Okhotsk Reseach Center, who have various kinds of study backgrounds such as Physical Oceanograpy, Chemical Oceanograpy, Physical Geology, Meteorology, Glaciology and so on, are studying environmet of Pan-Okhotsk Regions.

Pan-Okostsk Research Center welcomes graduate students who have studied a variety of disciplines.

Graduate students at Pan-Okhotsk Research Center belong to Divisions of Earth System Science or of Environmental Science Development, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University.

Details of the divisions are described in below links:

Faculty Members

Humio MITSUDERA (Div. Earch System Science, Cource in Atmos-Ocean & Clim. Dynamics)

Physical Oceanography, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.

Takayuki SHIRAIWA (Div. Envirionmental Science Development)

I am responsible for the education of Hokkaido University at Division of Environmental Science Development, the Graduate School of Environmental Science. This is the place where graduate students study various kinds of global environmental issues based not only on natural sciences but also on neighboring disciplines in order to SOLVE the problems which human kinds are facing.

I welcome any graduate students who are interested in working at the Russian Far East and also those who are interested in rivers, forest and ocean linkage in Hokkaido, the last frontier of Japan. I am willing to share my knowledge on academic as well as field work in harsh environments with you.

Jun NISHIOKA (Div. Earch System Science, Cource in Geochemistry)

My interest is the biogeochemical cycle of the bio-related materials in the Sea of Okhotsk and its surrounding areas. Final goal of my research is clarify the mechanism of ocean productivity especially in the pan-Okhotsk area. Field observations using research vessels have been conducted with various instruments.

Student's research topics:
Nutrient and trace metal exchange between the Okhotsk Sea and Oyashio (Pacific) area
Iron speciation and bioavailability in the Ocean
Iron demand for phytoplankton in the Oyashio region

Tomohiro NAKAMURA (Div. Earch System Science, Cource in Atmos-Ocean & Clim. Dynamics)
I aim at clarifying the interaction among atmosphere, ocean, land, and sea-ice in a Pan Okhotsk region. Also interested in the tidal processes around the Kuril islands (generation of internal waves and mean flow) and their impacts on the formation of water masses in the North Pacific Ocean.

Sumito MATOBA (Div. Earch System Science, Cource in Cryosphere Science)
I am studying ice core obtained from Kamchatka, Alaska and Greenland to reconstruct paleo-environmental changes for several hundred years.